How Natives of Southeast Asia and the Indian Continent Use Turmeric


Certainly, as turmeric is a native plant of Southeast Asia and the Indian continent, the people of these regions know and use this plant part in their home health preparations. The rhizomes of turmeric, the rootstalks, have the main benefits. Let’s focus on how they use this turmeric rhizome in their daily lives.

  • In the morning, they eat the raw rhizomes of turmeric fresh with honey for the betterment of their digestive power. Also, the people of Southeast Asia and the Indian continent use dried turmeric powder in their food preparation, not so much for color but in the manner of a preservative so that the food will not degrade quickly.
  • Throughout the Indian continent and in Asia, the women always fancy a lighter skin, which they think will increase their beautifulness and sex appeal. Applying crushed raw rhizomes of turmeric in the skin will help them to get not only more glowing and smoother skin but also a lighter skin tone. Small skin infections and pimples are also treated by applying the turmeric on skin.
  • In the case of any wound, turmeric powder or crushed raw turmeric will eventually help healing. The turmeric will increase the repairing rate of the damaged tissue, and the wound will heal much faster. However, the powder or crushed raw turmeric should be clean and sterilized first if possible.
  • Turmeric helps to treat animals’ wounds just as it does those of humans. When a pet animal is wounded and no veterinary doctor is available, turmeric powder is typically applied for three to four days. It will completely heal the wound. But measures should be taken so that the pet may not lick and clean that powder from the wound.
  • If fast relief from joint and/or muscle pain, such as caused by an accident or whatnot, is needed, a mixture of turmeric and lime or calcium hydroxide will be found greatly effective. The mixture is applied to the “ground zero” location of the pain, and after it is allowed to dry, a little heat can be introduced by using a heating pad or other means. The pain is not likely to remain after two to three such repeated applications.
  • It’s said by the elders of these native communities that those who eat fresh turmeric daily will live a longer life. As from the scientific perspective, our body tissue is always slowly becoming damaged by everyday oxidation. But because turmeric increases the antioxidant capacity of the human body, it’s almost natural for those who eat fresh turmeric daily to live longer lives.
  • Uniquely, if one drinks a mixture of turmeric with amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica, also known as Indian gooseberry) or neem (Azadirachta indica), their blood sugar issue will slowly come down to normal. For the blood sugar patients, who may otherwise experience problems with different drug interactions, this method is very beneficial.
  • A mixture of turmeric and milk is used as a supplement for women while pregnant and then after the delivery; this preparation will help to increase the quantity of breast milk. For pregnant women, their labor pain will also become much nominal with the effect of turmeric and milk, if they regularly drink the combination before delivery.
  • The native of these regions also introduce their children to eating raw turmeric rhizomes, though generally, due to the bitter flavor, the children will not agree to eat them without honey. The aim is to give the children a strong early constitution, so that as they grow, their digestive, nervous, immune and circulatory systems will work efficiently, all the way through their elder years. Also, more comfortable joint movement can be achieved and maintained.
  • Additionally, through the use of turmeric in daily life, proper functioning of the liver can be obtained. Those who suffer from a liver problem are thus encouraged to eat turmeric daily. And the people of these continents have been doing this for many generations, consuming the turmeric rhizome either raw or cooked.

Summarily, the native peoples of Southeast Asia and the Indian continent use turmeric in their home health preparations that are not only practically effective but also proven and supported by the ancient knowledge from Ayurveda, a holistic way of treating every disease. With this in mind, if one considers the aforementioned tips regarding native turmeric use, then he or she may well be on the path to greater overall health.


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