Look Out CBD World, It’s PhenoPen


Thanks to the innovators at the CBD-focused company Mabsut Life, the unique and interesting PhenoPen has arrived.

PhenoPen fuses 21st-Century vaping technology with a pristinely pure and additive-free cannabis extract featuring a full 59% cannabidiol component.

The sensible aim was to present consumers with a high-caliber THC-free CBD delivery system based upon a very modern personal vaporizer setup.  In so doing, the potential for greatly enhanced bioavailability of the active CBD constituents is considerably increased.  It seems they’ve highly succeeded with the now commercially-available result, which is a legal product in all 50 states.   

And though any specific medical or therapeutic claims or assurances cannot exactly be made for various legal reasons, as is to be expected, PhenoPen’s use is nonetheless suggested for those suffering not only from a variety of psychological disorders — anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. — but also from conditions within a neurological context, as per the reduction of migraine frequency and intensity.

PhenoPen represents a massive leap forward in the highly competitive CBD arena.


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