Turmeric’s Potential for Depression Relief


In a meta-analysis, data from multiple studies is pooled in order to build a more substantial basis for comparative and statistical assessment.

As published in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, a meta-analysis was recently completed using six clinical trials intended to compare curcumin (from turmeric) to a placebo in a total of 377 patients suffering from depression.

The results supported a significant clinical effectiveness of curcumin in terms of depression relief.  Furthermore, it was noted that no adverse affects whatsoever were reported during the trials.  The authors of the meta-study recommend more comprehensive trials encompassing greater numbers of depression patients and spanning longer time periods.

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  1. With the rise of reported cases of mental health problems around the world and also the greater empathy the world has regarding such, it’s great that we’re looking into different kind of treatments for these problems. This is just the beginning of the research for turmeric, but it’s always the first step that leads you to bigger things. The potential is there, it’s just a matter of time for more research done on it.


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