The Big Buzz About Golden Milk


The preparation known as golden milk is utilized as a characteristic solution for an extensive variety of medical problems. A portion of the medical advantages of this delectable fluid can decrease aggravation in joints, support your immune framework, keep up a sound heart and cardiovascular framework, help you to get more fit, and hold glucose levels within proper limits. There is additionally substantiation that turmeric has anti-tumor activity.

All the medical advantages of golden milk are for the most part found in turmeric and coconut oil it contains. Turmeric is a wonderful ingredient to cook with and adds visual appeal and taste to many dishes. The recuperating energy of turmeric is found in the compound curcumin. Turmeric has additionally been utilized for quite a long time in Ayurvedic prescriptions for its calming action, foundation as a cancer prevention agent, and disinfectant properties.

Black pepper is utilized as a part of golden milk to support the measure of curcumin the body ingests. Truth be told, one investigation demonstrated that by including piperine (an extract of black pepper) to curcumin, the bioavailability of curcumin is expanded very dramatically.

The inclusion of virgin coconut oil to the golden milk formula supports the rejuvenating energy of turmeric and enables the body to ingest considerably a greater amount of the curcumin. Be that as it may, coconut oil additionally has numerous well-being boosting advantages of its own. It is antibacterial and antifungal and coconut oil can be utilized to treat numerous infirmities. Coconut oil is a characteristic wellspring of vitality that also enhances digestion.

Most importantly, to concoct some golden milk, you need to begin with a rather thick slurry (sometimes called a paste) made from combining turmeric, water and black pepper. The subsequent stage is to blend resultant slurry with some type of milk and coconut oil.

For the golden milk slurry you require the following components:
1/2 cup pure water

1/4 cup turmeric powder

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

Warm the water in a pan using medium heat.

Include the turmeric and the black pepper and mix well to make the consistency of smooth glue.

Cook minimally for 7 to 9 minutes, just enough to gel everything together.

In the event that the yellow paste turns out to be excessively dry, you can include some more water.

Enable the mixture to cool and store in a glass enclosure with a tightly sealed cover.

You can keep it refrigerated for up to 3 weeks. From that point forward, it builds up a metallic taste and ought to be disposed of then.

You may want to wear some type of apron throughout the procedure in the event that the compound splashes on you, since turmeric does strongly tend to stain clothing (as well as the surrounding work area).

Golden milk paste can be used on its own for a wide variety of conditions. However, if you elect to go further and make golden milk, using the paste you have made, assemble the following:

1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon of golden milk paste, according to your taste preference

1 cup almond milk (you can likewise utilize cow’s milk or other milk substitutes, for example, coconut milk, hemp milk, oat milk or rice milk)

1 teaspoon of unprocessed virgin coconut oil (here’s a great source of this)

A variable amount of honey (or employ another natural sweetener)

The formula for making golden milk is as per the following:

Add the milk and the turmeric paste to a pot and cook on medium warmth.

Warmth the blend until the point that steaming occurs but actual bubbling does not. A few formulas call for heating up the blend even more; however, drawn-out heat can impair the golden milk’s potency.

Remove from the heat source, and add the honey and the coconut oil (adding the coconut oil while the mixture is still warm will allow the otherwise solidified oil to melt within the brew).

The infusion of oil supports the medical advantages of golden milk by providing you with solid fats, assisting with joint mobility and advancing cell work. The oil additionally enhances turmeric assimilation.

The drink has a pleasantly brilliant yellow hue, consequently its name – golden milk. Enjoy!


  1. Haha, golden milk! Not only for the royals but also for the health fanatics like us. With all the ingredients you’ve provided makes me feel how there are a lot of health benefits to this milk. This is really great as I do really love my milk and a healthier recipe to my milk will do a lot for me too. Curious though as to how this might taste like? Well, I should try it out myself! (which I will)


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