A True Turmeric Testimonial


It had been several years since I had last seen Jim, as I will call him.

When I had last seen him, he was, frankly, a wreck. He had retired a bit further previously from a well-known occupation consisting purely of very difficult (and dangerous) physical labor. It was a particular line of work which revealed itself, over many decades, as a literal destroyer of men. There were all too many who succumbed to accidents along the way, and just as many, if not more, who later perished due to a distinctive type of respiratory illness directly connected with the job at hand. Those who escaped these fates — they who ultimately did reach retirement age — did so with bodies virtually guaranteed to be found racked with festering pain and, ultimately, limited mobility due to the massive cumulative damage done to their hardest tissues.

Jim was certainly one of these latter men. His knees, his back, his shoulders, he told me, were just plain worn out. The company who employed him, he only half-jokingly said, got their money’s worth out of him. When I observed his hampered movements and gait, as well as his compromised posture, I fully believed it.

Fast-forward to the present day. Through the window I saw a once-familiar vehicle pull up. Memory didn’t immediately serve me as to whom the vehicle belonged, but nonetheless I had a strong sensing that I had seen it a number of times before, though perhaps not recently. Seconds later when I saw none other than Jim emerge and begin heading toward our front entrance, smiling, I’ll admit I didn’t quite recognize him at first. He definitely did not move at all like the Jim I had seen at least a couple years prior. He moved far more swiftly and without the trudging sort of difficultly he had heretofore demonstrated. As he reached the door I could see that it was indeed him…but somehow, he seemed to have undergone an upgrade to Jim 2.0.

I was fairly well startled at his apparent newness, but we began to converse. Without any prompting, or even questioning on my part, he soon volunteered the key ingredient to his reborn physicality. He summed it up in one word.


He further elaborated that he had been taking turmeric capsules for around a year. He adamantly swore it worked miracles for him. I had formerly known him as a beyond-middle-aged man who could move only minimally, but now, he showed me as he effortlessly flexed one of his legs upward and kicked his lower leg straight out. He didn’t need any fancy education beyond high school to be sharp enough to recognize turmeric’s value to him. He was sold on it. He even disclosed his plan to attempt to grow his own turmeric in his garden.

I had already heard and studied much about the wide-ranging health benefits of turmeric, but officially, then and there, I too was thoroughly sold on it. I began to investigate it more and more, and I then made the decision to condense all of my learnings into a website. I wanted this website to be a virtual hub of information on turmeric, for all who seek to increase or augment their own familiarity of what this wonder herb can potentially do for a person. Thus, this website, Wonders of Turmeric, was founded.


  1. Wow, I admire your passion for health and your fascination on turmeric! Personally, I’m still new on my journey on exploring the benefits of turmeric and I’m super grateful to have dropped by your site. I particularly love the recipes you’ve been giving out and am looking forward to reading more on them. The testimonial is just one of the many proofs on how beneficial turmeric really is.


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