My Own Sleep-Promoting Evening Tea Recipe


In the evening I make a certain variety of tea, according to my own simple and purposeful formulation. I usually use just four ingredients, counting the boiling water as the fourth; occasionally I add a fifth, when I deem appropriate, and I will elaborate on that fifth component a bit later. We have an electric stainless steel tea kettle here at my house, which is certainly very convenient, especially when more than one cup of tea is desired, but failing that, a conventional stovetop teapot or a microwave oven could be used to boil the water.

The cup I use is of a considerably oversized capacity, easily holding a good 12 ounces. While the water in the tea kettle is boiling I add the following to the bottom of the cup:

1 tablespoon honey (you may use whatever type you have on hand or prefer — wildflower, raw, Manuka, etc.)
1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
Pinch of Himalayan pink salt, finely ground

When the water is boiled I fill the cup up to not far from the brim and stir with a spoon until the salt crystals and honey are dissolved and the brew is evenly blended.

I really like this mixture, and I absolutely believe it does promote a good night’s sleep thanks to the quaint synergy of its ingredients. Honey is generally well-known for its sleep-inducing properties, and I do feel it earns this reputation. The rather astounding array of electrolytes found in Himalayan crystal salt imbue it with a similar somnolent effect (those with hypertension, however, may be advised to exercise some caution with this ingredient). Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory actions are made slightly more accessible thanks to increased solubility via the hot water. And should I experience an evening when I am more “wired” than usual, through whatever cause (late caffeine consumption, etc.), once I have completed the aforementioned preparation sequence, I steep a bag of chamomile tea in the cup for a few minutes. Provided I have allowed myself sufficient time to unwind while sipping the tea, and especially with the occasional infusion of chamomile, I can virtually guarantee I’ll end up staggering to bed and will be out for the night very shortly thereafter.


  1. I’m used to drinking warm milk before sleeping, but I’m curious on your recipe and am willing to try it out! Also considering all the benefits you’ve listed out, it’s worth the try. Although I am not exactly sure if Himalayan salt is available in my nearby supermarket, I’ll just do some research on it. Thanks for this! I hope to read more on your recipes/health tips in the future. 🙂


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