Turmeric: Even Safe Enough for Wounds?


I’ve posted extensively on this site about the many internal benefits of turmeric, i.e., when it is consumed in supplement form or prepared in food, and also when it is used in dental care. If anything is intended to be used as a dietary supplement, however, it is always wise to consult with one’s physician beforehand to see if any contraindications might exist between the proposed supplement and any medications or preexisting conditions. Turmeric is by no means exempt from these kinds of considerations. If one is taking certain prescription blood thinners, for example, turmeric may amplify the blood-thinning effect to a very dangerous degree, as it is a noted blood thinner in its own right. Also, those with some types of autoimmune disorders may be advised to avoid turmeric as it may not be tolerated well.

Notwithstanding these potential hazards for a select number of individuals, turmeric is otherwise known as a very safe biological substance, and there exist numerous scientific studies which demonstrate its safety. Among the safest uses of turmeric would be applying it to the body’s surface — the skin — for the various maladies which may commonly afflict it. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties lend it easily toward simple preparations that can be used on such topical disorders as acne, boils and rashes.

Those same potentialities, along the avenues of reducing inflammation and retarding bacterial growth, also recommend it in the dressing of wounds. A very basic paste can be made by mixing powdered turmeric with a bit of water. This paste can be applied directly to the wound prior to bandaging. The pain and sometimes infection associated with wounds can be effectively counteracted in this way.


  1. Honestly, I’ve never even considered that turmeric could be beneficial for wounds, because like you said, I’ve been focusing more on the internal benefits to turmeric! But now that you were able to explain how it’s beneficial for wounds, gets me thinking how extremely awesome turmeric is! It’s always great to use more herbal alternatives than those synthetic stuff they usually use. It’s just my belief that they’re safer.


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