More Options for Turmeric Dental Care


Let’s say you’re interested in the benefits of using turmeric for basic dental care but you’re considerably less interested in making your own turmeric toothpaste.  Maybe you have neither the time nor the desire to obtain the different ingredients, and/or perhaps you’d rather avoid the sort of mess that seems inherently associated with preparing the mixture.  Whatever the case, that’s fine, and you’re in luck.  At least two (if not more) companies offer very nice dental care products based around turmeric as the featured active ingredient.

The Opa Toothbar company makes what they call a Turmeric Natural Toothpaste Soap Bar.  This may sound sort of strange, a soap bar intended to be used as toothpaste, but the concept is really an ingenious one.  It is free of fluoride and is made from organic non-GMO ingredients.  The company claims a single jar lasts from four to six months, which makes it very economical indeed.

Another option worth investigating is made by Pure Active Naturals.  Their Turmeric Teeth Whitening Powder comes complete with, believe it or not, a guarantee, stating that if you don’t see whiter results after seven days of use, they will give you a full refund with no questions asked.  Pure Active Naturals therefore seems very confident in their product, which really only has five simple ingredients.  This ought to especially appeal to those who prefer products not only with as few ingredients as possible but also with ingredients they know and can readily understand.


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